Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Valuable venting time: project clutter, collaboration, and Obama shirts.

I am now home from work, just trying to pinpoint a project to work on. I have a huge collection of half-finished paintings, bracelets, shirts, & cards. I have Photography I need to print out but definitely don't have the fund$ for, logo ideas (& finals), illustrations, and hundreds of digital imaging projects, and they're all just sitting. I'm worried that my computer might crash and erase everything, especially considering that there is 5 years of work on my computer. In fact that's most likely the reason that it could crash; clutter. It's like I've been saving everything up and need to expand my space, and my hard-drive. I wish I could afford some sort of studio or creative space, I'd even work in a storage space (as long as it was well lit).

It's hard to work alone sometimes too depending on the project. It'll be nice when I have a bunch of artistic people around me who I can collaborate with, and/or when I get some kind of creative job/space. I designed a torso-sized stencil of Barack Obama a few months before the elections and started spraying it on a shirt. It's a 3 layered stencil, I love how it came out. I've been selling a decent amount of them since I started, more-so when i can afford shirts and supplies. The last time that I made a bunch where for Erin Barra's concert when she came into town at the end of December. I sold all the shirts. I even made a stencil of Erin and gave her a few shirts to see if they'd sell in NYC. I probably made 30-40 shirts in 2 days, all by hand, solo. I've probably made quite a few more than 200 of these shirts.

It's pretty labor intensive, I've set up a whole method that's way too hard to sum up right now, but spray paint is pretty messy and it stinks my apartment up even though I'm on the patio outside. My roommate is a saint for putting up with it.

Okay.... My fingers are tired and it's time to get off my ass. This valuable venting session is now complete....and it feels great.

Ciao for now. XO:a

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

numero uno

Hello all. If you're reading this than thank you for coming! This blog is for my art and design projects. I'm happy to share them with you and hope you like my passion.